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Tue Feb 10 22:45:25 PST 2015

> On Feb 8, 2015, at 5:10 AM, Richard L. Hamilton <rlhamil at smart.net> wrote:
> ~/.launchd.conf (or /etc/launchd.conf systemwide) can provide ways to set the PATH for the per-user launchd instances.  See launchctl man page for the latter - basically a setenv key value    launchctl command. 

The Yosemite man page for launchd.con says that ~/.launchd.conf was never implemented (and won’t be) while /etc/launchd.conf is no longer used.  This seems to be true.  I can verify that /etc/launchd.conf is ignored.  I never tried to use ~/.launchd.conf.  What I do is export some environment variables using launchctl in my shell login script.  Not ideal, but at least they are set after I login in Terminal, which generally happens pretty early in any session.  Note that the launchctl setenv command (and unsetenv and getenv) is deprecated in Yosemite.  When they are removed I don’t know of any other way to set environment variables for the Aqua environment.

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