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Dominik Reichardt domiman at
Fri Feb 13 02:24:17 PST 2015

I'd really like a good tool for OS X to create a bin/cue image of mixed mode CDs. So far the only reliable solution has been to use Alcohol 120% in a Windows VM...
So this is a "me too" post ;)

Take care


> Am 13.02.2015 um 11:08 schrieb René J.V. Bertin <rjvbertin at>:
> FYI of the FWIW kind :)
> Back in 10.3 (and maybe 10.4) days, xcdroast gave itself a chance to access newly inserted optical disks (= preventing the Finder from auto-mounting them) by killing the autodiskmount daemon. That no longer works, but there must surely be another way.
> Does anyone on here have a pointer to a more or less ready to deploy solution (i.e. one that doesn't involve learning IOKit and writing this from scratch because that's more investment than I'm willing to make for this port)?
> That said (about investments): I do feel there is a lack of good, free software for this kind of application, no matter how obsolete optical disks may have become (IMHO hardly). I've never gotten to terms with the Finder's features for creating optical disks, maybe partly because the way it's conceived to be intuitive (for dummies? :)) has made me burn useless disks a number of times already.
> There's a 4-5 year old ticket on trac to bring K3b to MacPorts, which is apparently the best current solution on Linux. It certainly looks that way, so I started out rolling my own port until I bumped into the same obstacles that halted the port back then (and which is why I found out about the ticket in the 1st place). All that's needed to complete the build is factoring in the appropriate ioctl commands (could be through libcdio, possibly building on NetBSD's use of something called cdio) and an implementation of a SCSI transport layer (which could be lifted from dvdisaster if necessary).
> Maybe that now, so many years later, there are members on this list who have the knowledge/experience I'm (admittedly :)) missing?
> R.
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> Subject: [MacPorts] #46840: new port submission: xcdroast
> #46840: new port submission: xcdroast
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> Remember this one? Back when I first came back to "new world Macs", very
> early 2004, I found this application and used it a lot for creating CDs
> (backups, copies of audio CDs for personal use, etc). I stopped using it
> when I got a copy of Toast with an external burner, which I kept using
> until recently.
> Fast forward to now: my copy of Toast is a PPC app, so saying goodbye to
> 10.6.8 also meant saying goodbye to Toast. I've been looking at free disk
> burning apps since a few days now, and *finally* remembered the name,
> xcdroast.
> It's evolved over a single alpha point release (15 to 16), not unlikely
> due to other applications like K3b (which requires a lot of work to get to
> work on OS X). Xcdroast is just a GUI shell for the cdrtools.
> A few patches in addition to those available on the xdroast website, and
> lo and behold, it mostly seems to work! Apart from the fact of course that
> autodiskmount is no longer used and another trick thus has to be found to
> prevent the Finder from auto-mounting opticals.
> Is there?
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