What to checksum when submitting an update?

Tom Limoncelli tal at whatexit.org
Sun Feb 22 08:38:55 PST 2015

I'm a new maintainer, so please excuse this basic question.

The port I maintain is vcs_blackbox.  It has recently been added to
the system.  I'd like to do my first update.  The change is simply a
version update:

-github.setup        StackExchange blackbox 1.20150203 v
+github.setup        StackExchange blackbox 1.20150222 v

However it isn't clear to me how to update the checksums.  I know the
commands (openssl dgst -sha256 / openssl dgst -rmd160) but what file
gets checksummed?  This package is on github.

By looking at the error messages, it seems that the checksums is of the file at
but until the file is there, how do I know I can generate the exact same file?

Are the checksums updated for me or am I going about this the wrong way?


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