Does Gnome take up tons of disk space? It uses some Gnome stuff.

David Evans devans at
Tue Jul 7 14:05:39 PDT 2015

On 7/7/15 3:41 AM, Jerry wrote:
> I'm thinking of installing Gnumeric but I'm suspicious that some of the dependencies will cause a huge expansion of my installation, i.e., take up lots of disk space. I already have some of the dependencies but I do not have things like desktop-file-utils, gnome-common, gnome-doc-utils, gobject-introspection, goffice. I suspect that my use of gnumeric will be experimental and then light if at all so I would abandon this idea if it takes a lot of space. I'm looking at the gnome stuff and recalling that it might be huge. Is this correct?
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Hi, Jerry.

Define tons.

goffice and its dependencies are absolutely required (this is the bulk 
of the dependencies).
gobject-introspection could be made optional (provides ability for 
Python and others languages to dynamically generate bindings to 
gnome-common and gnome-doc-utils are build dependencies and are not 
necessary once the port is installed (they are relatively small)
desktop-file-utils provides a utility to register gnumeric's .desktop 
file in the desktop file database and is not necessary after 
installation. (also small)

If you have any other GNOME apps (actually GTK+ apps) installed, you 
should have most of these installed already as they are commonly used in 
that environment.

Using otool, I can see that the ssconvert utility, itself, links with 
libraries provided by the following ports:


This is basically gtk3 and dependencies plus goffice and gnumeric.

Unless you are really strapped for disk space, I would go ahead, build 
gnumeric and see what the additional disk space is.  I don't think it 
would be too
much extra but then I have ALL the GNOME ports installed.  But if you 
only have a few command line utilities installed from MacPorts you might 
think it's a lot! Reality is probably somewhere in between. Your 
calibration may vary! :-).

At any rate, you can remove it and its dependencies fairly easily if you 
decide it's not what you want.

sudo port -f uninstall gnumeric rdepof:gnumeric


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