Python packages installed using pip not on PATH

Behrang Saeedzadeh behrangsa at
Mon Jul 13 04:36:59 PDT 2015


In order to use awscli, I installed Python 3.4.3 and pip for Python 3.4.3.

According to AWS Docs
I should be able to install awscli by running

   pip install awscli

However it failed due to some permission issues:

I reran pip with sudo and this time installation completed successfully.

According to the docs:

Pip installs the aws executable to /usr/bin/aws. The awscli library (which
does the actual work) is installed to the 'site-packages' folder in
Python's installation directory.

But for some reason, it is not installed there. It is not installed in
/opt/local/bin either.

Apparently it is installed in
(which is a symlink
to opt/local/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.4.

Should I just add
to the PATH, or is there a better alternative available?
Best regards,
Behrang Saeedzadeh
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