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Tue Jun 2 05:59:36 PDT 2015

I am using a macbook pro running os x yosemite (10.10). I am setting up a
local developer environment using macports. in trying to simplify the
installation of soctware i decided to try and use macports for apache 2.4,
php 5.5 and mysql, i seem to have gotten stuck. My apache  installation
went properly at first. but no i am trying to set up a virtual host
environment to be located in a folder in my desktop. and after 8 hours of
fiddling with various recommendation s from online, i have discovered that
my webbrowser is not recognizing my macports configuration file. that is

it only seems to recognized the file previously installed by apple. As you
already know yosemite ships with php and apache.

how do i get the laptop to point to the correct httpd.conf file? there are installed by apple and one by macports.


Rodney Odom

Phone: +1 215 840 2176

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