accelerated zlib experiment (and parallel afsctool)

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Fri Jun 5 04:25:04 PDT 2015

On Saturday May 30 2015 19:11:02 René J.V. Bertin wrote:

An update on this one:

> You'll also need

>> ::Re: cloudflare/zlib on  OS X:: <<
On Tuesday June 02 2015 12:19:53 Lawrence Velázquez wrote:

> This doesn't really have to do with binaries. Source is copyrighted also.

Their modifications are now fetched directly at the source, from the github account under their name, without redistributing a line of their code in a patchfile or otherwise. If CloudFlare ever wake up to notice that someone created else created that github account in their name and take it down and action against those who put it up, the fetch will simply stop working.

> the copyright holder, who is probably CloudFlare Inc. and not your friend Vlad.

The repository really appears to be provided by CloudFlare themselves, given the sheer amount of other repos available through the account in question. That as least is the assumption I may make in good faith where I live, as well as that whoever created the account using addresses did so with sufficient benediction from his/her/their employer.

> You're correct here at least: This is a moot point because we're not going to ship this.
To quote myself:
> > that's fine - if not, too bad for the other MacPorts users who'll miss out on up to 50% faster compression. < < 

I've been spending some time re-using old code of mine to make afsctool multithread capable. This useful utility for transparent compression already gets a performance boost from the CloudFlare patches, and even more from parallel execution.

I was planning to wrap that up in a submission but will now do so only if there appears to be a certain demand.


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