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<public shaming>

On 05.06.2015 09:34 PM, René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> On Friday June 05 2015 15:27:49 Cheesy One wrote:
>> There's not much documentation on mama online.
> Try searching for *being a* mama. That should give you a few more hits O:-)

Please don't ever do this again. People can easily get offended and you have no
way to determine how easy that is - even when you supposed to make a joke only.

This gets worse when acknowledging the fact that this list is publicly available
and free for everyone to join. This especially includes people from different
cultures, which potentially could interpret a pun on typo as a very bad insult.

It goes without mention that behavior like this sheds a bad light on the project
and before you know MacPorts will be known as "that place slimy nerds twist
one's words and have fun on your expense for trivial mistakes."

We certainly do not want this.

I don't want to have to repeat this again. I had hoped the latest "friction
point" that lead to a whole upstream project ceasing cooperation with MacPorts
based on offense taught to handle situations generally with a bit more diplomacy
and respect for each other. Looks I was wrong after all.


</public shaming>

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