Upgrades that include netpbm

Barrie Stott zen146410 at zen.co.uk
Mon Jun 15 03:45:58 PDT 2015

Many thanks for the help given by the three of you, Ryan, Mihai and Brandon. The following gives a good summary of what to do with netbpm and Brandon pointed out that it is wisest to do no other computing alongside any upgrade. I am very grateful to you all.


On 13 Jun 2015, at 19:46, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> On Jun 13, 2015, at 02:56, Barrie Stott wrote:
>>> Yes, if "port outdated" shows that netpbm is outdated, running "sudo port -f deactivate netpbm" before running "sudo port upgrade outdated" is fine; it's what I do, if I remember to do so.
>> My worry now is that if run "sudo port -f deactivate netpbm" then that newly deactivated version of netpbm will no longer register as outdated so it will not be upgraded when I run "sudo port upgrade outdated". Will I not have to run "sudo port install netpbm" straight after my forced deactivation?
> You are correct that "outdated" only considers active ports.
> If you have other outdated ports installed that depend on netpbm, then you can deactivate netpbm and just run "sudo port upgrade outdated". netpbm will be upgraded at the appropriate time, since it is a dependency of one of the outdated ports. 
> If you did not have any outdated ports installed that depend on netpbm, you could still deactivate netpbm, then run "sudo port upgrade netpbm outdated".

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