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Thanks for the quick reply!

My old computer is already unplugged. I was hoping there was a way to run the “port installed” command on the /opt/local in my Time Machine backup, but now I see that Time Machine did not backup the /opt directory. I guess I will have to reassemble the old computer if I want to get the list of ports that I had installed before.

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I recently got a new computer running Yosemite, and I used the Mac OS X migration system to only copy over my home directory from the Time Machine backup of my old 10.7 machine. I then installed Xcode and MacPorts base. I read the MacPorts page on migration to a new OS, and the first step for reinstalling all the ports is "port -qv installed > myports.txt”. Do I need to copy over the whole /opt/local directory tree from my old machine to be able to use this command to get the list of ports that I had before?

I'd just run it on the old machine and copy the output over, since you'd just be removing all the ports afterward anyway in order to rebuild them against the new system libraries.
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