PortAuthority 7.0 released

Kevin Walzer kw at codebykevin.com
Tue Mar 3 18:30:48 PST 2015

I've released version 7.0 of PortAuthority, my GUI for the MacPorts Unix 
software management system. PortAuthority is the oldest and, these days, 
only actively-maintained UI client for MacPorts. Its goal is to make 
using MacPorts easier.

This version of PortAuthority benefits from the many improvements to 
Tk/Cocoa that I've been working on in recent months, and is generally 
more responsive and refined. It also restores native system dialogs for 
running operations with elevated privileges, such as installing a 
software port. Finally, this release adds support for Mac system 
notifications if Growl is not installed.

PortAuthority costs $30 for a new installation, and lifetime upgrades 
are free to registered users. It's worth a try.

More information: http://www.codebykevin.com/portauthority.html


Kevin Walzer
Code by Kevin/Mobile Code by Kevin

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