about Qt 5.x and OS X 10.6

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at macports.org
Sat Mar 21 09:08:03 PDT 2015

At 9:46 PM +0100 3/20/15, René J.V. Bertin wrote:
>I don't like the idea of holding off on Qt 5.4 
>for the sake of "SL" (much as I love it), nor do 
>I like the idea of dropping Qt 5 support for 
>"SL" (because I love it too much for that :))
>So I am now exploring an option that may be a 
>bit unusual: OS-specific port versions. Nothing 
>as fancy as it seems: for OS X 10.6 users 
>port:qt5-mac-devel will appear to be at 5.3.2 
>and for all other users it will appear to be at 
>5.4.x .

Just one data point, but the next version of 
MythTV (0.28) is going to require Qt 5.2 at a 
minimum.  Their reasoning:

At 10:47 AM +0000 3/1/15, Stuart Morgan wrote:
>*5.2 was selected as the minimum version as this is the lowest version offered
>by all [Linux] distros we surveyed. We won't 
>rule out a move to a more recent version,
>i.e. 5.4 which is already available for most distros sometime before the

So I think if we can support Qt 5.3 on OS X 10.6, 
that would be ideal.  Of course it still remains 
to be seem if OSX 10.6/Qt 5.3/Myth 0.28 is 
actually performs reasonably well on older 
hardware (ie Core2 Duo macs).  Any older machines 
are 32 bit and, for Myth, really can't keep up.

OTOH, Core2 Duo macs can run OS X 10.7 so the 
door is open for them to support Qt 5.4, I 


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