mutt-devel 1.5.23_1: "Press any key to continue" when starting up

Alan gorzarg at
Sat Mar 28 09:01:14 PDT 2015


Ever since upgrading to version 1.5.23_1 of mutt-devel, it gives me the

"Press any key to continue..."

when I start mutt-devel from the command line. I have to press a button
before getting the password prompt.

I believe that version 1.5.23 didn't have this problem; it went straight to
the password prompt. (Version 1.5.23_2, which just came out, still has the
problem though.)

I tried doing "set wait_key=no" in my config file, but that still doesn't
get rid of the initial "press any key" prompt.

Does anyone else have this annoying issue? How do I get rid of this "press
any key to continue" prompt on startup?

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