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Am 31. März 2015 09:11:48 MESZ, schrieb Rob Snow <robpsnow at>:
fail2ban is a classic console based daemon application which has not any graphical interface / GUI.

Fail2ban reads system / service logfiles to read out any multiple bad login tries by i.e. ssh and other daemons. If it recognizes such a series of login attempts, it could "do anything" you configure - typically block the source IP by setting a firewall rule for a defined period.

Fail2ban then writes log entries byself if it gets "active" on any attempt - you have to read / tail the log files to see it working ( i.e. "live watching" by tail -n 99 -f /path/to/logfile - i would assume the system logfile is used by default).

As "usual" the installation / howto ressources are the primary docs for beginners in such a software.

I"m not shure how far fail2ban is preconfigured in any way within the MacPorts version/port.

hth a bit.
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