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Rob Stevens robs at
Sun Nov 29 09:56:28 PST 2015


I recently reported what I thought was a bug in macports,
but was in fact a misunderstanding on my part.
Here is my report (in green) and the response to it (in blue) (between
===== marks)


*port install perl5 -perl5_16 +perl5_22* seems to work (perl executables
linked to perl5.22 partners) but then: *port deps perl5* reports the
following  Full Name: perl5 @5.16.3_0+perl5_16 Library Dependencies:

Comment: This is behaving correctly. *port deps perl5* shows the
dependencies of the perl5 port in its default configuration, which
currently means with the +perl5_16 variant. You have installed the port
with the +perl5_22 variant, so if you would like to see the dependencies
of that variant, you need to run *port deps perl5 +perl5_22*.


So I misunderstood the meaning of *port defs.
*Thanks for the response.

But then how would I, say months down the road,
would I then be able to determine what variant of
perl5 I actually have installed on my system?
I don't see a command to do that.

It doesn't seem to me that reporting
perl5_16 to be default variant of perl5 is
that useful (I could find that by
*port variants perl5* could I not?)

Doutbtless I am not the first to have this misconception
although I did a search on perl5 and variants in the
archives. Sorry if this is a topic that has been hashed
and rehashed forever.

Rob Stevens
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