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Clemens Lang cal at macports.org
Sat Oct 3 11:39:36 PDT 2015

----- On 3 Oct, 2015, at 19:53, Richard L. Hamilton rlhamil at smart.net wrote:

>>  Is there something clever that could be done with mounts or hard (directory)
>>  links here?

Hard links will only work on the same filesystem, which is not necessarily the
case for all MacPorts installations. Additionally, they also link file metadata,
and thus the restricted flag.

> An NFS mount of self might work - the Mac NFS implementation doesn't seem to
> pass named attributes, and NFS protocol doesn't pass flags.  Thus:
> sh-3.2$ ls -ldO@ /bin /net/localhost/bin
> drwxr-xr-x@ 42 root  wheel  restricted,hidden 1428 Oct  2 04:41 /bin
>	com.apple.FinderInfo	  32
>	com.apple.rootless	   0
> drwxr-xr-x  42 root  wheel  -                 1428 Oct  2 04:41
> /net/localhost/bin
> Same thing, but as seen in the 2nd case, no com.apple.rootless attribute, no
> restricted (or hidden) flags. :-)

Mounts are a nice idea, but not possible without root privileges, and that leaves
out everybody that uses a user-only installation of MacPorts. So this could only
be done as an optimization, and I'm not sure it's worth it then. Cache
invalidation would definitely be easier with it, though…

Clemens Lang

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