El Capitan build errors...

Richard L. Hamilton rlhamil at smart.net
Mon Oct 5 02:15:43 PDT 2015

Ok, got past the ones I caused.  Here's what's left before I get stuck (filed tickets for the last three that didn't have them, found the tickets for the others):

Port            Tkt#  Description

wireshark       49065 wireshark 1.12.17 +quartz crashes when opening a network device on ElCap
                48835 build fails with lua 5.3),

rcs             49046 rcs @5.9.4: error: '_Noreturn' keyword must precede function declarator

star            49104 permission error creating /etc/default

py26-mustache   49105 checksum error on file

kblackbox       49106 kblackbox fails to build on El Capitan (iconutil more picky)

kblackbox is a prerequisite for kdegames4; so when that's fixed, I may find more. :-)  The kdeblackbox problem may be due to iconutil being more picky about input filenames; i wonder how many other ports that may affect...

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