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Bachsau web at bachsau.name
Tue Oct 6 02:16:32 PDT 2015

Dominik Reichardt wrote on 06.10.2015 11:10:
> While it is off topic, why the need to be so rude?

I'm not rude, just asking. :)
There is always many discussion about what is a real UNIX, if something 
was derived or rewritten, if Linux is UNIX and so on... I just don't get 
what's the reason for these discussions? Just out of personal interest 
or because people think some systems are "better" than others because of 
history? For me, it doesn't really matter. There are System which 
conform to the POSIX standards and those that don't. Some of them being 
free software, others are not. And I think that are the only important 

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