port not installed according to registry, yet depends_lib didn't "react"?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 08:55:05 PDT 2015


Something weird just happened. I had triggered an incremental rebuild (build and destroot) of a KDE4 port that depends on port:libical via depends_lib. The build system uses cmake, which detected that a re-configure was in order:

- cmake failed to detect libibcal
- upon verification, `port installed libical` confirmed this
- `port build` had *not* attempted to install the missing dependency (or if it did I missed it and it also had not updated the registry). It completed successfully from what I could see; I didn't use -p. (For the code, libical is an optional dependency.)
- I did have an image in var/macports/software/libical
- installing (a new version of) libical showed that (most) all files were still present under ${prefix}

I *really* that my update to 2.3.4 yesterday (from source) didn't cause ports to be dropped from the registry!

Apart from that, what could explain that no attempt to install the missing port was made OR that I didn't get an error?
Sadly the build log had already been overwritten when I realised I might have run into a bug.


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