Problem installing mkvtoolnix

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Oct 12 08:40:23 PDT 2015

On Oct 12, 2015, at 6:19 AM, Tom Armitage wrote:

> I've made some progress (I think...)
> I uninstalled libebml and reinstalled it, compiling from source. I also had to remove and reinstall libmatroska.
> $ sudo port clean --all libmatroska libebml mkvtoolnix
> $ sudo port -s install libmatroska libebml
> I then tried to reinstall mkvtoolnix, this time it built but now it fails during the installation phase.
> Looking at the log file it seems to be complaining about a missing app called "mmg" but a port search for mmg comes up with nothing.
> bash-3.2$ port search mmg
> No match for mmg found

mmg is the program that the mkvtoolnix port is trying to install. The error message suggests that it did not get built correctly.

Your log shows that you are on OS X 10.8. Does that mean you've used the instructions in do use libc++ instead? If so, you shouldn't need to use the "-s" flag to build from source, since you should have already set "buildfromsource always" in macports.conf.

The log you attached is from an incomplete build. Please clean and try again, and attach the entire main.log (compressed) to a new ticket in the issue tracker (which is back online now).

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