Stan Sanderson stansand at
Mon Oct 19 19:51:56 PDT 2015

Thank you to all who contributed to the OS X El Capitan update. I have successfully updated a MacBook Air and an iMac, both previously running Yosemite.

The iMac was updated using the instructions on the Migration page. I discovered I had 433 active ports to reinstall. These included Frescobaldi and KMyMoney4; the reinstall took about 6 hours. The automated process went as advertised.

The MB Air experienced a hardware failure sometime during the process. Sensors on the MLB failed, which caused the fans to run at full speed and throttled the processor speed way back. I wiped the SSD and installed El Capitan in hopes it would correct the problem without success. 

After repair (see below), I did the MacPorts install from scratch which took approximately 8 hours. I first installed Frescobaldi, then KMyMoney4 by doing the usual port install *App.* Again, there were no problems with the install, other than the time involved.

The support community for MacPorts is amazing.


(I learned something when I took my MacBook Air, mid 2013, to the Genius Bar at the nearest Apple Store. My expectation, based on knowledge of Apple’s part pricing, was that it was toast and I’d have to replace it. The Genius confirmed the problem was the sensors on the main logic board. However, I was offered the opportunity to have it sent to a repair depot for a flat-rate charge of $280, not including sales tax). Whatever was wrong would be fixed. I was told it would take 3-5 days. I readily agreed. The Apple store called on the second day to tell me it was repaired. I had not previously heard of them offering a flat-rate service, and a cursory Google search indicates some variation in policies, but if someone is experiencing a hardware issue, this information might be helpful!)

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