Does MacPorts provides its Test/QA results online?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Wed Oct 28 23:04:41 PDT 2015

On Oct 28, 2015, at 8:50 PM, Jeffrey Walton wrote:

>> I have this feeling you were expecting something like a Linux distribution,
>> a full ecosystem that is regression tested with itself.
>> MacPorts is a BSD ports-like system intended to make available things that
>> are not provided with OS X, on a best effort basis.
> Yeah, we are are trying to evaluate solutions to a failed compile due
> to Issue 37664. A few users are reporting it to us.

Forgive me if you mentioned it earlier in the thread and I overlooked it, but: a failed compile of *what*?

> The telemetry was going to be used as follows:
> (1) If MacPorts encounters this on a regular basis when using their
> GCC, then do nothing as the project is already equippped to deal with
> it.
> (2) If MacPorts does not encounter this on a regular basis (and we are
> in a very small minority), then take steps to help them with it.
> (3) Once we know how MacPorts handles the issue, then advise users of
> the same. It might be as simple as, "here's MacPort's patch for the
> issue".

If MacPorts provides a port of the "what" that is failing to compile for some of your users, and it compiles using a MacPorts gcc port, then you could look through the ticket history for that port to see if anyone encountered the problem you're talking about.

Most ports do not compile with a MacPorts gcc port. MacPorts provides ports of many versions of many compilers, and the intention is not that every port can be compiled with every compiler. Rather, the intention is that each port can be compiled with a specific set of known-good compilers, which are by default taken from the list of compilers included in Xcode, and as a fallback in case none of those work, MacPorts versions of clang, llvm-gcc and apple-gcc. FSF gcc is never in the fallback list because it does not use the same C++ runtime as the rest of the system which can lead to runtime crashes or build failures.

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