Command Line Tools warning

Dave Horsfall dave at
Fri Oct 30 13:13:44 PDT 2015

On Fri, 30 Oct 2015, Mathieu Deaudelin-Lemay wrote:

> Just for the record, if you are planning on staying on OS X 10.10 
> (Yosemite), do not upgrade to Xcode 7 as it does not include the SDK for 
> that OS (only 10.11).

Now I find out...  I'm waiting for 10.11.1 on principle (never use a 
version *.0 of anything unless you want to be a beta tester) and Xcode 
upgraded itself to 7.0,

> This shouldn't be a problem much of the time, but there are some ports 
> that will fail to build (e.g. wireshark), as they'll be looking for a 
> SDK matching your system version and will fail to find it.

And I occasionally use Wireshark...

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