The gringo port still can't be compiled after passing the stdlib=libc++ to clang

心如烛光 275438859 at
Sun Sep 20 08:59:20 PDT 2015

    Thank's for your help.I have tried the process, which is posted in the ""

First,I have installed the newest 2.3.3 macport and edited the macports.conf with the 

"cxx_stdlib         libc++
buildfromsource    always
delete_la_files    yes"
and try "sudo port clean gringo""sudo port install gringo".

But it doesn't work.

Then I tried:"uninstall all ports that use C++"
and the message it returns:
"Preparing Uninstall...
Uninstall Began...
Uninstall Failed...
Reason: ErrorMissingBundle
Why?Meanwhile,I don't think that to uninstall all the ports that use C++ is a good way to solve the problem since I have so many ports and dependencies,which will be uninstalled and installed.
Is there any other way to install the gringo?

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