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Mon Sep 28 12:00:37 PDT 2015

    case QSsl::SecureProtocols:
        // SSLv2 and SSLv3 will be disabled by SSL options
        // But we need q_SSLv23_server_method() otherwise AnyProtocol will be unable to connect on Win32.
    case QSsl::TlsV1SslV3:
        // SSLv2 will will be disabled by SSL options
    case QSsl::AnyProtocol:
        sslContext->ctx = q_SSL_CTX_new(client ? q_SSLv23_client_method() : q_SSLv23_server_method());

> 20 years!  There is absolutely NO excuse for any piece of software still using it.

Sure there is. That hypothetical 20+ year old closed-source binary library someone distantly related fundamental science colleague of mine still relies on and that magically still works with the latest Qt library... :)


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