WebKit2-GTK: quartz VS XQuartz

Andrea Giammarchi andrea.giammarchi at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 07:08:33 PDT 2016

Of course that's a priority and I'd love to know what's the current status
or what works on x11 that doesn't on quartz.

My comparison at this point is purely pragmatic: there is a "module loader"
that doesn't work by default because it depends on XQuartz which is not
part of its dependencies.

If I `port install gjs` I expect that's all I need to do in order to use
`gjs` but this is not the case, unless I tweak  `-x11 +no_x11 +quartz +gtk3
`  variants.

On the other side, using the alternative "module loader" and `brew install
gjs` there's nothing else I should do in order to develop a `gjs` GTK3

So far, all I could test, seems to work OK via default quartz backend
instead of +x11 so, from a user prospective, is there a way to install
`gjs` and make it work via macports without needing manual extra steps?

Thank you

On Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 2:46 PM, Brandon Allbery <allbery.b at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 4:21 AM, Andrea Giammarchi <
> andrea.giammarchi at gmail.com> wrote:
>> wouldn't be better if MacPorts GTK3 was using by default quartz
> Wouldn't it be better if gtk3 actually worked correctly? Which currently
> means +x11.
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