Why does Git depend on perl?

Michael keybounce at gmail.com
Sun Apr 10 18:21:51 PDT 2016

Attempting to upgrade git gave me this in the output:

--->  Computing dependencies for git
--->  Dependencies to be installed: p5.22-authen-sasl p5.22-digest-hmac p5.22-digest-sha1 p5.22-gssapi p5.22-cgi p5.22-html-parser p5.22-html-tagset p5.22-error p5.22-net-smtp-ssl p5.22-io-socket-ssl p5.22-net-libidn p5.22-net-ssleay p5.22-test-exception p5.22-sub-uplevel p5.22-test-simple p5.22-test-nowarnings p5.22-test-warn p5.22-term-readkey

Why does git need perl? Yes, my perl was outdated -- why does git need it?

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