How do I find out who requested a port?

Jeremy Lavergne jeremy at
Wed Apr 13 16:42:59 PDT 2016

Check out port requested (or perhaps port echo requested if it isn't available in the first form).

If you asked for the installation explicitly, it'll show up in that list. Anything is an automatic installer to fulfill dependency requirements.

Note if the requested package was removed or never installed, the notrequested (another key word you can likely use in a port command) will say no dependents and not requested. These are called leaves and can be safely pruned: I believe there's a port to automate that removal, port_cutleaves.

On April 13, 2016 7:02:09 PM EDT, Michael <keybounce at> wrote:
>On 2016-04-13, at 3:50 PM, Jeremy Lavergne <jeremy at>
>> Check out `port dependents gdk-pixbuf2` (with port deps being the
>other direction).
>keybounceMBP:Mlp michael$ port dependents xorg-libX11
>gdk-pixbuf2 depends on xorg-libX11
>mesa depends on xorg-libX11
>xorg-libXext depends on xorg-libX11
>xorg-libXfixes depends on xorg-libX11
>xorg-libXt depends on xorg-libX11
>xrender depends on xorg-libX11
>keybounceMBP:Mlp michael$ port dependents mesa
>mesa has no dependents.
>keybounceMBP:Mlp michael$ port dependents gdk-pixbuf2
>gtk2 depends on gdk-pixbuf2
>keybounceMBP:Mlp michael$ 
>Hmm, so mesa is one of them, and nothing depends on mesa (so who asked
>for it / why is it there?)
>But also gtk2. I thought gtk3 was the current version -- gtk2 isn't
>even maintained if I understood correctly.
>keybounceMBP:Mlp michael$ port dependents gtk2
>gtk2 has no dependents.
>And who asked for it?
>> On April 13, 2016 6:42:42 PM EDT, Michael <keybounce at>
>>> How do I find out which port requested another port?
>>> Specifically, lets say I'd rather have quartz-based, rather than
>>> x11-based, ports installed.
>>> Attempting to install gtk3 -x11 +quartz gave me the error message
>>> gdk-pixbuf2 must be installed without +x11.
>>> So I've got X11 installed, without realizing it, and without wanting
>>> it.
>>> How would I go about tracing down all the ports that I'd need to
>>> re-install without X11?
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