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Would it be simpler if macports automatically kept a list of the requested
ports somewhere outside of /opt/local?  Then *all* of /opt/local could be
excluded from Time Machine backups, but could be easily (if not
necessarily quickly) restored by reinstalling the requested ports?

— Steve

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>On Wednesday April 27 2016 23:10:20 Brandon Allbery wrote:
>>I was apparently headed into a brainfog when I wrote that.. recovered
>Heh, why do I seem to relate ... :)
>>backup, found that there were port components not under /opt/local
>>(notably the symlinks into launchd's directories), and a
>>deactivate/reactivate fixed.
>That also sounds familiar in the sense of been there, done that.
>Good, so it should indeed be possible to come up with a script or the
>like that sets up Time Machine to do only an "economic" kind of backing
>up of ${prefix}. Supposing that all ports that do use site-specific
>configuration files store those files under etc/ .
>I'll try to find a moment to figure out to what extent keeping an
>additional list of which ports are active is required.
>I just think of a complication though. The port command is installed in
>bin/ together with a few others, and there are probably libraries "base"
>uses that live in lib/ . It's probably possible to add those to Time
>Machine's filter list but it does make the idea a bit less appealing.
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