Idea: Port Checks for Disk Space Before Compiling?

Jean-François Caron jfcaron at
Wed Aug 10 14:58:44 PDT 2016

This keeps happening.  My laptop’s hard drive has only a few (~5) gigs of space left, and I foolishly decide this is a good time to upgrade clang.  Turns out clang needs infinite space (kidding) to compile, so about 30 minutes into the compilation my computer tries to warn me that the disk is nearly full but it’s already too late and I can’t scramble to make space before everything starts crawling.

This might be specific to clang only, but is there a way for ports that need a LOT of free space to check before trying to compile?

I know the obvious solution is to keep more free space on the disk, which is a good idea generally, but these SSDs get pretty expensive!  It feels extra stupid that all this time I have like 5 Gb of RAM left unused, but that’s a different issue.


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