Holding a package at a given version

Russell Jones russell.jones at physics.ox.ac.uk
Thu Aug 11 08:35:38 PDT 2016

It's not really equivalent, since the Debianoids freeze (almost all of) 
the distro at a particular version, so you don't really get dependency 
version errors in the way you do with rolling distros like MacPorts. 
You'd need to hold all the deps in the same way, and all the rdeps of 
those, etc...

You could look at 
https://trac.macports.org/wiki/howto/InstallingOlderPort to see how to 
install an older version of a port, and do it after each upgrade if 
gnuplot gets overwritten. Provided it links OK against newer libs, dep 
names haven't changed, and so on, that would link against the latest 
libs but allow use of the old version. If it didn't work, you could use 
the old Portfile as the basis for one in a local repo as Daniel suggested.


On 01/08/16 16:44, Adam Mercer wrote:
> Hi
> Sometimes I want to hold a given package at a specific version, is
> there a way to do this with port?
> Currently I use something like the following:
> $ sudo port upgrade outdated and not gnuplot
> however that only works if none of the outdated ports have a
> dependency on gnuplot. Is there something like:
> # apt-mark hold gnulot
> on Debian/Ubuntu?
> Cheers
> Adam
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