pdo-dblib Not Available for PHP >7

Kieran Delaney Kieran.Delaney at innserveltd.com
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It made sense to bundle them together to me but only because I originally went looking for mssql first. Someone looking for the pdo libraries would at best go for the next best thing and realise that fixed what they wanted or at worst assume that they were stuck with mssql for example and not use pdo.

For that reason I would suggest the right thing to do is to add pdo-library as a separate port for each library - could you then make this port a pre-requisite for the existing encapsulating ports?

So for php56 for example I could install php56-pdo-dblib or php56-mssql which would require php56-pdo-dblib? That way people looking for the specific library can find it, and the people who have already installed the mssql package will get a new pre-requisite when they upgrade?

Hope I’ve explained that well enough. One thing you definitely don’t want to do is re-enable mssql for php 7 because that would be really confusing for people who are searching for an alternative.
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On 23 Aug 2016, at 15:36, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at macports.org<mailto:ryandesign at macports.org>> wrote:

On Aug 23, 2016, at 07:03, Kieran Delaney wrote:

Hi - I’ve been using PHP via macports for a long time - we have a requirement that we need to support SQL Server. Obviously PHP7 removed the mssql extensions but they were the only way to install pdo-dblib libraries. Looking at the port file, the dblib extension was created with mssql. Is it possible to either add a php70-pdo-dblib like other platform repositories (for example Remi on Redhat etc)? PDO-DBLIB is fine under PHP 7 and it seems a shame to remove it completely as a victim of the mssql library going away :)

Thanks for pointing this out. I didn't realize that the pdo-dblib extension is still there even though the mssql extension has been removed.

I don't use these extensions but I originally put them both together into the same phpNN-mssql MacPorts subport because they're both for connecting to MSSQL servers. Did that make sense to you when you were looking for the extension in MacPorts or was that confusing?

We could:

1. Enable the phpNN-mssql subport for all php versions, installing the pdo-dblib extension for all php versions and the mssql extension only for php 5.x. This would be similar to the phpNN-mysql subport which only installs the mysql extension for php 5.x. This might be confusing for pdo-dblib users since the extension name is not in the port name, though it is in the description.

2. Add a phpNN-pdo-dblib subport for php 7 and greater only. This seems confusing for pdo-dblib users who then have to use a different port name depending on the php version.

2(b). Add a phpNN-pdo-dblib subport for all php versions and remove pdo-dblib from the phpNN-mssql subport. I like this except that it would remove pdo-dblib from existing users' systems when they upgrade. We could make the port print a note advising users where pdo-dblib has moved to.

If we move pdo-dblib to its own subport then that's inconsistent with the rest of the pdo extensions. Do we move the rest of the pdo extensions to individual subports as well?

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