Can't upgrade gtk3 as part of a "upgrade outdated", Segmentation fault?

ftp83plus gestos at
Fri Aug 26 09:01:45 PDT 2016

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El 2016-08-26, a las 11:56, Brandon Allbery escribió:

> On Fri, Aug 26, 2016 at 11:51 AM, [ftp83plus] <gestos at> wrote:
> Knowing that a Segmentation fault doesn't mean much, I cleaned gtk3 at attempted a rebuild, but it still segfaults for some reason.
> What is the source of the problem?
> You chopped off everything that would have told us that, and included unrelated stuff following it instead. Please provide a complete main.log; if you have to rebuild it to get one, make sure you "sudo port clean gtk3" first.
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