Can't upgrade gtk3 as part of a "upgrade outdated", Segmentation fault?

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at
Fri Aug 26 09:09:31 PDT 2016

Yikes. Clang is segfaulting on you again, eh? Do I assume you're still using the libc++ upgrade for older systems on snow leopard? This has happened to me a couple of times, as you know from previous discussions.

Try writing up and running just a simple clang compilation on a five-line "hello, world" app in C to see if it's just clang blowing up. I think you'll find it is, and if so, it has nothing to do with gtk specifically.

If you find that it is just a dead clang-3.7 (on that hello, world test), here's what I do to fix it:

Although I __do not__ fully understand what inconsistency between tools seems to develop in the toolchain that leads to this, in each case (three times now in three months) I've resolved it by fully unintstalling all versions of clang, llvm, cctools, and ld64 (often having to --follow-dependents to make the uninstall happen), resetting the macports.conf and variants.conf back to their defaults, and then reinstalling LibCxxOnOlderSystems from the beginning. That has fixed the problem in every case, __for me__ .

you need to get it spotless clean, though -- port -v installed clang* llvm* cctools* and ld* all have to show nothing. Then the reinstall works and all is well, although it's time wasted.

There must be a more elegant answer / way to do this, though. And there must be some explanation for what happens to cause this -- but I don't know what it is at present.

But anyway, that is how I do it.


On 2016-08-26, at 8:51 AM, [ftp83plus] wrote:

> Hello there, 
> just encountered this issue when gtk3 tried to rebuild as part of an upgrade outdated operation:
> Relevant extract of main.log:
> Knowing that a Segmentation fault doesn't mean much, I cleaned gtk3 at attempted a rebuild, but it still segfaults for some reason.
> What is the source of the problem?
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