What's the "right" way to update a port to

Gabriel Rosenkoetter gr at eclipsed.net
Sun Aug 28 09:46:32 PDT 2016

Thank you both for your responses! (Sorry it took me a bit to follow through on them; my day job intervened.)

> On 21 August 2016 at 13:32, Yongwei Wu wrote:
>> Maybe the following two links?
>> https://trac.macports.org/wiki/howto/InstallingOlderPort
>> https://guide.macports.org/#development.local-repositories

I'm not sure whether the first of those was what I was looking for, but the second was exactly on-point. Thank you, Yongwei!

Mojca, if that lengthy explanation was not a thing that you had stashed to copy-paste already, I think that it should be. Or, plausibly more usefully in the general case, maybe it should get its own space under guide.macports.org? (Clearly, all this information’s in there somewhere, but a “quick start” section in chapter 4, ala https://guide.macports.org/#using.common-tasks, is what I was looking for, and you wrote up here.)

> On 21 Aug, 2016, at 17:53 EDT, Mojca Miklavec <mojca at macports.org> wrote:
> - you should get an error along with the suggested new checksums that
> should be replaced in the Portfile (make sure that the checksums are
> correct before copy-pasting them and that you fetch the right files)

Apologies if this is a common question (if there’s a way to search PiperMail archives that isn’t “download all of them and use grep locally”, I’ve never known what it was), but I didn’t see an explicit facility to list a cryptographic signature for the distribution files.

Is that a done thing?

(I can see how one could do this by adding the signature file to $distfiles and then putting the signature verification in a post-checksum step, but if there’s some standardized “make sure some sort of PGP exists locally and just warn, rather than fail, if it doesn't” code, I figure it’s probably better to adhere to that.)

> Once you get that working, you can open a new ticket to request an
> upgrade. You could run "svn diff" inside abcde and attach the diff to
> the ticket. (Please note that we will soon try to switch to pull
> requests on GitHub.)
> Ideally you would also volunteer to be the maintainer of that port
> that currently has nobody to look after.

All done: https://trac.macports.org/ticket/52122

Thanks for your assistance!

Gabriel Rosenkoetter
gr at eclipsed.net

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