XFCE, Gnome

Anders F Björklund afb at macports.org
Sun Jan 3 01:44:31 PST 2016

3 jan 2016 kl. 01.35 skrev David Evans:
> On 1/2/16 6:25 AM, Pierre Henri CHAUDOUARD wrote:

>> OS X 10.11.2, Xcode 7.2.
>> Has anyone managed to install xfce ? For me, the installation fails at the package xfconf ...

The old ports for Xfce 4.6 and the (unreleased) Xfce 4.8 hadn't been touched in years.
After PureDarwin, there just wasn't any motivation. Easier to just run FreeBSD instead ?

Anyway, now the ports *have* been updated to the latest version Xfce 4.12 so "should" work.
This includes the desktop, with Thunar and Terminal. See screenshot from XQuartz on Mavericks:


>> I have installed gnome. However I am unable to launch a gnome-session. What are the 'right' configuration files ?
> There have been a lot of changes with gnome-session and the gnome desktop evironment in general and the old method of
> launching a gnome session on OS X doesn't work anymore.  This is largely to do with gnome-shell requiring X11
> compositing features that are not likely to be implemented in the Apple X11 server any time soom.

It seems like the dbus session scripts aren't too good about using launchd, as in #41506 (et al).
Ported the same workaround to xfce4-session, instead of complaining about $DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS

Then again launching a gnome session on Linux (without composing) hardly works anymore, either...
Also posted a fix for VTE (from FreeBSD), since it was trying to use getpt instead of posix_openpt.


I have disabled some "features" too. Way too much bloat, with the gtk3 and py27-numpy dependencies!

> There's been some renewed work upstream on a gnome-flashback (previously known as gnome-fallback) session that works
> around this but it's definitely a work in progress. If you'll file a ticket against gnome-session, I'll up the priority
> on this issue and provide some status on the current situation and progress as it occurs.

Seems like it would be easier with something like MATE, since it's not the same GNOME anymore.
Like in FreeBSD (x11/gnome2) ? The MacPorts wiki page could use some updating too, it seems:



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