IPython 4.0 and Jupyter in MacPorts

Fielding, Eric J (329A) eric.j.fielding at jpl.nasa.gov
Sun Jan 3 16:16:41 PST 2016


Thanks!  The jupyter-notebook-3.4 command works for me and starts the
kernel and notebook browser client.

>> I only use IPython occasionally, so I just now found out that the new
>>version of IPython 4.0 has major changes, and MacPorts has installed the
>>new version in one of my port upgrades. We used to run ³ipython
>>notebook² to get the notebook version of IPython, but this has been
>>removed and we are supposed to use a new program called Jupyter. I
>>installed what I guessed is required to use Jupyter with port install
>>py34-jupyter and py34-ipykernel.
>> Is there something else I need to install to be able to run the new
>>command ³jupyter notebook²? The ³jupyter² program is not in my path. I
>>found /opt/local/bin/jupyter-3.4, but ³jupyter-3.4 notebook² says it
>>does not know ³notebook².
>Looks like we need a `port select` group for the jupyter binaries. As
>for you issue, it appears to be this bug:
>which looks like the next release will fix.
>For now, you can run jupyter-notebook-3.4 (assuming py34-notebook is
>> The Jupyter documentation
>>(http://jupyter.readthedocs.org/en/latest/install.html) says to use pip
>>to install Jupyter, but I understand that this will likely mess up the
>>MacPorts installation.
>Correct, please don't do that.

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