install vim (was: Re: Remove port)

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Tue Jan 5 11:28:53 PST 2016

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On Jan 5, 2016, at 1:10 PM, PhilDobbin wrote:

> One other question if I may: I tried installing vim as so 'sudo port install vim +huge +python +perl +ruby'. When the install finished, I was left with the error message 'Error: Port + not found' & sure enough, there was no ruby or python.
> Can you tell me how to install vim as so?

The command you say you issued looks mostly correct, except that I would point out that according to "port variants vim" the "ruby" variant is obsolete; you should instead specify the variant corresponding to the version of ruby you want. Also, according to "port variants vim", no variant "python" exists; use the variant corresponding to the version of python you want.

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