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STK is _the_ commercial satellite tracking program, advanced versions do everything (look angle, coverage, maneuvering info, everything); but it's expensive (although there's a free license for a limited version), it only runs on Windows, and they will send you email forever.

Within MacPorts, there's xephem (although in MacPorts it's 3.7.4, should be updated to 3.7.7); it can plot every astronomical object, and satellites too, showing either sky views from specific locations, or tracks.  xephem is X11/Motif based (runs on anything where those can be used).  Google for it to find its web site (it's not the most obvious to use until you get used to it) including screenshots and where to get satellite data.

> On Jan 10, 2016, at 21:57, Charles Phillips <charles at> wrote:
> All -
> This is probably a simple question to answer, but I have not stumbled across the answer yet. 
> I have installed GPredict (satellite tracking program) on a number of Mac computers (starting with my Powerbook G4 and most lately on my Mac Mini and my MacBook Pro) and have been looking for a program that would easily allow me to plot orbital parameters. I follow satellites. 
> Right now I use Numbers for some, and have struggled with Excel. I need a flexible program that allows me to enter some columns of data (perigee, apogee, inclination, etc) and graph them again time of the orbital description (I use Two Line Element sets from the U.S. Air Force). 
> I looked in the "Math" category and have not managed to find anything. MacPorts does not have a way to search for "graphing utilities" that I have found?? 
> I briefly tried to use a neat program called Plot2 that I ran across but I could not get any support. 
> There must be a ported Unix application out there that I just have not run across yet??
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