KDE Printing Question ... and KDE3

nicos at macports.org nicos at macports.org
Wed Jan 13 08:00:40 PST 2016


> Someone will have to decide what to do with the KDE3 ports in MacPorts and before that, if and how to tackle the Qt3 port. Given the popularity KDE3 still has with certain followings I would hesitate to recommend removing it, but I suppose Qt3 would have to be made co-installable. The KDE3 ports should probably be aligned to the Trinity Desktop effort, if it is decided to keep them.

The choice has been made some time ago, and kde3 has been removed from the available ports this fall. There were several issues in building it to my understanding, and after one year without complaints to my knowledge where they had been flagged as obsolete (and thus not installing), they have been removed.



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