Trying to run the "LibcxxOnOlderSystems"

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Thu Jan 21 01:20:25 PST 2016

Hello there, 

I am trying to execute the instructions on this page, but am stuck at step 4 of Bootstrapping 3:
On instruction 
sudo port -v uninstall llvm-3.4 clang-3.4
I get 

Warning: Failed to execute portfile from registry for llvm-3.4 @3.4.2_8
--->  Unable to uninstall llvm-3.4 @3.4.2_8, the following ports depend on it:
--->  	cctools @877.5_1+llvm34
--->  	ld64-136 @136_2+llvm34

Not sure I understand the logic fault here…

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