clang 3.4 can't be configured (part of a selfupdate)

Mihai Moldovan ionic at
Wed Jul 27 19:40:01 PDT 2016

On 26.07.2016 02:13 PM, [ftp83plus] wrote:
> I am currently attempting a "port selfupdate" operation before installing two
> ports I'd like to test.
> However, it fails for a reason I don't understand:
> [...]

Also interesting might be the output of

`port installed 'ld64*' cctools`

This problem might have been triggered by[0], although I have only seen proper
linking failures on my system, not a segfaulting clang binary.

Then again I'm natively on libc++ and a newer OS and Xcode version, so I can't
rule out that clang might behave differently (or worse) on other systems.

Regard this as additional information only though - a crashing clang binary
should still be handled as well and reported upstream with the proper requested



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