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On Sat, Mar 12, 2016 at 6:52 PM, Ben Letham <bletham at> wrote:

> I'm trying to run a simple Gtk3 PyGObject app which includes an image (and
> so uses gdk-pixbuf). When I install py35-gobject3 and gtk3 through port I
> can run the app just fine using macports python.
> I want to be able to distribute this to other computers without having to
> install xcode and macports, so I used macports to build mpkg's for
> py35-gobject3 and gtk3. When I install these mpkg's on a computer without
> macports, it seems that gdk-pixbuf isn't being set up correctly.
> (...)
> Is this something that I should expect to work? Any ideas on how to debug
> this?

Generated pkg / mpgs files make no attempt to recreate postinstall scripts;
this cannot be automated in a reliable way. You will need to inspect the
Portfile for gtk-pixbuf and for any of its dependencies to see what needs
to be run (there are a number of post-install commands that must be run for
gdk-pixbuf to work properly, IIRC).

In general you should not be trying to use those targets. Instead install a
separate MacPorts tree in a path other than /opt/local, build/install
packages using the `port` command in that path (ideally move your real
MacPorts installation out of the way and make sure it is not on $PATH, so
opportunistic configure or cmake scripts do not find and link to it), and
copy the entire tree to another machine. This still won't catch things like
launchd plists; you'll need to watch out for those manually and handle them
as necessary.

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