Dovecot Setup Issue.

Karl Willoughby karl at
Wed May 4 18:35:53 PDT 2016

Hi MacPorts Users.


I have a Mac mini running OS X Yosemite and I'm attempting to follow these


I have a problem here:

Step 2: create directories


When I enter the following at the command line:

sudo chown _dovecot:_dovecot /opt/local/var/log/dovecot OS X responds with
the following:

chown: _dovecot: illegal group name


Previous command line code entered, from here:

sudo dscl . -create /Groups/_dovecot

sudo dscl . -create /Groups/_dovecot UniqueID 30 sudo dscl . -create
/Users/_dovecot sudo dscl . -create /Users/_dovecot UserShell /bin/false
sudo dscl . -create /Users/_dovecot RealName "Dovecot IMAP Server"

sudo dscl . -create /Users/_dovecot UniqueID 30 sudo dscl . -create
/Users/_dovecot PrimaryGroupID 30 sudo dscl . -create /Users/_dovecot
NFSHomeDirectory  /opt/local/var/run/dovecot



The _dovecot Group isn't assigned a PrimaryGroupID, but instead a UniqueID.

A PrimaryGroupID of 30 is assigned to the _dovecot User.

When I view a list of all Groups via the following command:

dscl . readall /groups

I see a PrimaryGroupID of 30 has already been assigned to _keytabusers.


I'm unsure what to do; the following are potential options:

Assign the Group _dovecot a PrimaryGroupID; this may prevent the 'chown:
_dovecot: illegal group name' OS X response.

Assign a different PrimaryGroupID, i.e. other than 30, to both User and
Group to avoid the potential conflict with _keytabusers.


There may have already been a _dovecot User or Group in the 200 range that I
deleted as a result of my confusion.   Perhaps this was assigned during the
earlier 'Install dovecot' command, i.e. 'port install dovecot'.   Do

you know what the original PrimaryGroupID of such a User or Group was?

If a different PrimaryGroupID is used, i.e. other than 30, presumably the
one I deleted would be best.


Another option is to upgrade to OS X El Capitan, although I'm not sure
whether that will remove the dovecot install thereby allowing me to start
again.   I'm also unsure whether I could run the 'port install dovecot'

command a second time in OS X Yosemite to restore the _dovecot User / Group.
Alternatively, perhaps 'port uninstall dovecot' is a valid command to allow
me to start again.


I've seen reference to dovecot2 in the macports-users archives; perhaps this
requires a different syntax, i.e. not 'port install dovecot'.


Thanks and best regards,


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