mpv and python

Russell Jones russell.jones at
Thu May 5 06:09:24 PDT 2016

 From a quick glance at the output of "port cat mpv" it looks like it 
embeds python, and uses it to run the build tool "waf" and for doc 

set python.versions         {27 34}
set python.default_version  27


# Set ${python.version} to the currently active variant.
foreach ver ${python.versions} {
     if {[variant_isset python${ver}]} {
         set python.version ${ver}

post-patch {
     set python_ver_dot [join [split ${python.version} {}] "."]
     reinplace -W "${worksrcpath}" 
"s|'rst2man'|'rst2man-${python_ver_dot}'|" wscript

It seems to have been pretty generically coded, so it may well work if 
you add 35 to the list. waf says it only works with 3.4 at but maybe that's out of date?


On 05/05/16 13:53, Mark Bestley wrote:
> I had decided that I want python3 variants as much as possible and set 
> -python27 +python35 in my variants.conf instead of setting up each 
> variant manually on the command line
> However I tried to install mpv (which does not have a direct python 
> dependency just via youtube-dl) and I got
> Error: org.macports.patch for port mpv returned: can't read 
> "python.version": no such variable
> Why is it looking for python?
> Mark
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