René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Tue May 17 05:20:56 PDT 2016

On Tuesday May 17 2016 13:20:22 Clemens Lang wrote:

>Have you checked with upstream? Maybe the only thing missing is a patch that
>provides a -stdlib option with a couple of defaults?

Not yet, but if it were so simple you'd think that patch would have been added already. It's not like the issue hasn't been around for years now.

>Unless you've checked with upstream, this is guessing. Go and ask them.

Sure, an educated guess. OS X isn't the only OS that uses libc++ nowadays.

>> On a related note
>Unrelated, I'm not the right person to answer this.

It's perfectly related (as it'd allow to exclude g++ if so desired) and the port maintainer is a member of this ML too.
(Or did I miss the memendo that every member is supposed to reply whether or not s/he is able to answer each and every question? :P )


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