How to discover what TeXLive ports I need

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Thu May 19 04:21:56 PDT 2016

> Thanks, Mojca. I notice that my /usr/local/texlive/2013 is 3.4 GB so I should be able to delete that in due course. I'll look into the svn link and most likely install +full. I also notice from some saved e-mails that you've helped me a lot before. 8^)
> Jerry
Using port info texlive, I see that installing documentation is the default.  Using -doc should make the installation smaller.  At the bottom of that description is also a list of dependencies.  When I look at that, I see, for instance that I don’t need the Czech language stuff.  On the other hand, it looks like there might still be things not installed - I’m not sure.  What I actually have installed is the following which hasn’t choked on anything I’ve done in quite a while.

  texlive-basic @37485_0 (active)
  texlive-bin @2015_9+x11 (active)
  texlive-bin-extra @37366_0 (active)
  texlive-common @2015_0 (active)
  texlive-fonts-extra @37425_1 (active)
  texlive-fonts-recommended @36916_0 (active)
  texlive-fontutils @37381_0 (active)
  texlive-formats-extra @36217_0 (active)
  texlive-generic-extra @37262_0 (active)
  texlive-generic-recommended @37357_0 (active)
  texlive-lang-cyrillic @37233_0 (active)
  texlive-lang-english @37355_0 (active)
  texlive-lang-greek @36842_0 (active)
  texlive-latex @37361_0 (active)
  texlive-latex-extra @37398_0 (active)
  texlive-latex-recommended @37384_0 (active)
  texlive-math-extra @37078_0 (active)
  texlive-metapost @37366_0 (active)
  texlive-pictures @37410_0 (active)
  texlive-plain-extra @37342_0 (active)
  texlive-science @37382_0 (active)
  texlive-xetex @37409_1 (active)
Hmm.  I see I don’t have texlive-humanities installed at the moment, but know I’ve put that in sometimes so I could do parallel translations.  The cyrillic I think comes along with whatever lets me use Lilypond music snippets inside .tex files.
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