kerberos5 update error

Terry Barnum terrydop at
Fri May 20 13:50:54 PDT 2016

> On May 10, 2016, at 10:07 PM, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> wrote:
> Follow the Xcode uninstallation instructions provided by Apple in the About Xcode.pdf file. There's a script your run in the terminal, which knows what all needs to be deleted. Then, since you're going to downgrade, you restart the computer before reinstalling the older Xcode.
> You don't need to reinstall MacPorts or all ports. There may be one or two ports that have baked knowledge of your Xcode version into their files; if so, those ports would need to be rebuilt.
>>> If using gcc-4.2 works where llvm-gcc-4.2 failed, we should update the port to blacklist llvm-gcc-4.2.
>> If I can downgrade easily I'll report back if gcc-4.2 works.

Thank you Ryan. Finally had some time to spend on this. Downgrading Xcode did the trick. Uninstalled 4.2, installed 3.2.6, rebooted and a 'port upgrade outdated' went smoothly.


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