Getting rid of port binaries in /software

Joshua Root jmr at
Sun May 22 01:18:20 PDT 2016

Eric A. Borisch wrote:
> If you are just looking to save some space at the expense of time, you
> could set:
> portarchivetype      txz
> in macports.conf; on some of the big clang/llvm archives this is ~2x
> improvement...

Nobody has yet mentioned the very important fact that you can't just 
change the config file and have this work. Apple does not ship xz with 
OS X, so there is an obvious bootstrap problem (How do you build the 
archive of the xz port?) and a somewhat less obvious problem when 
upgrading xz (you need to extract the archive of the new version *after* 
the old version has been deactivated).

So in fact you have to install xz somewhere outside of MacPorts and 
configure base to use it, before you can make this config file change.

- Josh

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