iperf3 port coming?

David Evans devans at macports.org
Tue May 24 15:33:01 PDT 2016

On 5/24/16 3:19 PM, Mike Savory wrote:
> Hi Smith
> I have a copy of the portfile in my local ports directory
> https://guide.macports.org/#development.local-repositories
> I can get rid of it now ;-)
> Mike

Indeed. iperf3, iperf3-devel committed in https://trac.macports.org/changeset/149008.

In the future, don't be so patient!!  If you don't get a response to a ticket in 3 days or
so, please give a shout either here or on the macports-devel list.  It's easy to lose track.

These ports should be available after you update your ports.

sudo port selfupdate



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